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Email Marketing: a powerful and effective tool

2 de October de 2020

Email marketing campaigns are climbing the list of most used and effective tools. Many thought that with the advent of social media, this methodology for reaching customers could disappear, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The results of such a campaign can be very positive for a company in different areas. It is a tool that allows us to promote, inform or offer products or services to consumers in a direct and personalized way.

In addition, email marketing platforms for bulk mailing allow us to analyze the results of each campaign. Thus, in the face of future mailing campaigns, it will be possible to design more accurate strategies and apply improvements to obtain more optimal results.

Features and benefits of email marketing

  • Direct to customer: Our campaign will reach the customer’s email directly, so we make sure we reach the target brand.

  • Customization: we can segment the database according to tastes, needs, interests, etc. In this way, we can develop a campaign for a specific target audience. Making sure, even more, that we reach the desired target.

  • Cost reduction: Email marketing campaigns are cheaper than advertising through other means. Both production and shipping costs are low and are generally sent to fewer recipients but more related to the brand’s products or services.

  • Results Analysis: As we said, mass mailing platforms allow us to analyze the results of each mailing campaign. This way we can easily know if a campaign has been as successful as expected and what the response has been from the contacts who have received it. This data will allow us to apply improvements for future campaigns.

  • Virality: An email marketing campaign with a well-constructed message and an attractive offer can be interesting to the consumer, and will surely forward it to other contacts you think may be interested. It thus becomes a viral campaign that reaches more potential customers than expected.

For these reasons, among others, email marketing is a very powerful and effective tool that can bring benefits and positive results for companies. Specialized digital marketing agencies such as Andsite SW are responsible for developing the campaigns that best suit each business and its promotion.

We build a strategy, define the design that will be sent to users, segment the database to reach specific targets, mass delivery, and analyze the final results of each campaign.

Andsite are experts in digital marketing strategies in Andorra. We develop customized email marketing campaigns for each company. Contact us!

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