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Get to know the best digital marketing tools

8 de April de 2022

Before starting any digital strategy, you must be clear about the objective you want to achieve in order to use the most appropriate tool or tools.

We will show you which are the most effective tools depending on the different needs, that’s why first you have to define what you need to do, who you want to address and for what purpose.

Once you have defined these points, you can begin to know what is the most suitable tool for each type of strategy.

Herramientas de diseño gráfico


It is a very useful tool as it offers a wide range of utilities and you don’t need to be an expert in graphic design, as it is designed for a wide audience and is very simple and intuitive. We recommend it for profiles that want to design graphic material for their business and are not familiar with more complex tools. The results are quite acceptable.


This tool is focused on a profile more familiar with the graphic design environment, as it has many more uses and is not very difficult to use.

If you need to create more elaborate material, we recommend this tool as it offers many more possibilities.

Web analytics tools

Google Analytics

We recommend this Google tool, as the results are very good. It is used to view statistics and averages of your digital audience, traffic channels, among others. You can also see in real time the active users of the website.

Search Console

This other Google tool will help you to measure the performance of your web site, to know if your pages are indexed correctly and to analyse in different parameters the behaviour of users on your website.

SEO optimisation tools

Yoast SEO

It is a WordPress CMS plugin. It is the most used in its category, due to its functionality, as it offers the user advice on how to keep each of the pages of their website always optimised in a practical and simple way.


We recommend this tool in terms of SEO positioning and web optimisation.

It is an intuitive and very complete tool, as it offers real time statistics on how your website is working. It also offers you the possibility of creating your own reports.

Success is the sum of small, day-to-day efforts.

Today there are many tools that serve to achieve different objectives, and each professional in the marketing world has different needs and different ways of working, so it is necessary that there are different options for professionals to choose from with different qualities and functionalities.

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