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The importance of a good web design

8 de April de 2022

Have you ever left a website because you didn’t find the design attractive or because it didn’t load correctly on your mobile or tablet?

These aspects make, among others, that your website is a good or a bad experience for the users who come to it and that is why it is so important to have a good web design.

What is meant by web design?

It is the set of works related to the planning, design and maintenance of a website, which serves to provide users with a good browsing experience.

Moreover, a good design is one that adapts to the needs of users, creating a good positioning to achieve better results.



An important element is the use of typography. Use a font style that matches the colours, images and structure of your website.

The use of different fonts could make the user feel uncomfortable, lose interest in your content and leave.

Visual style

This is one of the first aspects to consider when a new website is launched, as this is where we decide what we want to convey with this website, and this must be linked to the identity of your corporate brand.


After all the work to have a good design of your website, you will have to verify that all the pages are indexed correctly, that it is searchable from all search engines and accessible to any internet user.


Another key point of web design is that it loads easily and on all devices (computers, mobiles and tablets).

If you don’t optimise the download time, you will lose users who will not be able to see your content.

How does design affect SEO?

In the same way that a good or bad design can determine the behaviour of your website’s visitors, it is important to correctly optimise your website’s search engines. 

Users usually visit the first pages of the results  and if your website is not properly updated and optimised, you will not appear among the first results.

Keep your website constantly updated to get more visits and reach your audience.

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