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What is content marketing

16 de May de 2022

Content marketing is based on creating and sharing relevant content aimed at your target audience in order to work through the end user’s entire buying cycle.

In this cycle, the key is to awaken the user’s interest at the right time with interesting information. Therefore, it will be necessary to have different contingents to answer all the questions that the user will ask throughout the cycle.

When we talk about Inbound Marketing, we talk about the main strategy used in digital marketing and within it, we can find content marketing. It’s about seeking the interest of the user without compromising their experience.

Here we show you which methodologies work best in content marketing and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it.


Increase traffic to your website. The creation of content helps to position you on the internet and to bring you more users than those who would come to your website.

Improve the conversion of your website. Therefore, and linked to the previous point, the results of conversion and visits will be higher with these techniques.

Grow the notoriety and image of your brand. Working with good content and in a constant way, has an impact on obtaining an improved image.


Not knowing how to convey the content in a way that reaches the target audience. This aspect, if not handled well, can have adverse effects on users.

Create enough content to cover the whole cycle. It has to be planned in advance, as not having enough content can lead to the failure of the whole strategy.

Convey different messages throughout the entire content creation strategy. If you don’t work on the same line, you may confuse the end user.


Creation of a blog

It is a good way to create quality content, which allows you to transmit to your audience relevant information about the subject you want to share. This allows you to reach the user in a more user-friendly way and at the same time get more web traffic.

E-mail marketing

Another good strategy is to undertake content by e-mailing. It is used by millions of users every day and is a channel with a high ROI. In addition, it offers many advantages such as low costs and the large volume of users that can be reached, as only one machine is needed and the results obtained can be collected with greater precision.

Social media

It is also a good strategy to create content on social networks. Used by millions of users, engaging content is another good way to get closer to your audience, as users not only want to know about your product or service, but also want to know more about the subject or topics you know about.

The purpose of content marketing is to generate leads by creating interesting and relevant content for the target audience and ultimately build customer loyalty. Create the most suitable strategy for your needs, be constant and follow the same line to obtain good results.

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